Massage for Exercise and Sport Certification Program

My apologies to all of those that have expressed interest in the Massage for Exercise and Sport Certification Program but due to some scheduling conflicts that I am unable to resolve I will NOT be offering the program at this time.  01-02-2018


The 100 hour Massage for Exercise and Sport Certification Program is a comprehensive approach to helping athletes overcome injury, attain peak performance and reach their goals. Participants will learn techniques for pain management, improved recovery and an overall approach to the well-being of competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike. Units 1 and 2 include the necessary skills to proceed on to Units 3-5. Units 3-5 will include detailed anatomy and kinesiology and common athletic complaints and injuries and how to help athletes with those complaints utilizing your new skill set.


Classes are broken down into 6 units for a total of 100 hours:

Unit 1:

  • Introduction to Massage for Exercise and Sport
  • Pre, Mid and Post Event Massage
  • Cramp Resolution
  • Basics of Postural Assessment
  • Lymphatic Fluid Movement

Unit 2:

  • Basics of K-Taping
  • Basics of Fascial Therapy
  • Basics of Trigger Point Therapy
  • Using Tools Effectively, Save Your Thumbs!
  • Introduction to Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s)

Unit 3: 

  • Considerations of the Upper Extremity
    -Anatomy and Kinesiology
    -Common Dysfunction of the Shoulder
    -Common Dysfunction of the Elbow
    -Common Dysfunction of the Wrist and Hand

Unit 4: 

  • Considerations of the Lower Extremity
    -Anatomy and Kinesiology
    -Common Dysfunction of the Hip
    -Common Dysfunction of the Knee

Unit 5: 

  • Considerations of the Spine and Pelvis
    -Anatomy and Kinesiology
    -Common Dysfunction of the C-Spine and Upper Back
    -Common Dysfunction of the Thorax
    -Common Dysfunction of the Low Back and Pelvis


Unit 6: Comprehensive Testing  

Based on completion of Units 1-5, homework and passing the Unit tests, Comprehensive Testing will be scheduled.



Units One and Two are mandatory prior to all other units. Other Units may then be taken in any order.

Payment Options: ($300 non-refundable deposit required to a hold position, class size is limited to 16)


  1.  All Units paid in advance, paid in full: $1350.00 + deposit
  2.  Units 1-5 paid in advance of each Unit start date: $315.00 + deposit

Deposit includes payment for textbooks, massage tools and supplies that will be utilized throughout the program.

Refund Policy:

No refund on the deposit. Withdrawing after beginning Unit 1 include administrative fees of 10% and equivalent of hourly rate for hours attended. Registrant retains textbooks.



*We occasionally travel offsite for additional educational opportunities. Participants are not penalized for missing these classes.