It’s All About the Pressure

How to satisfy your clients request for pressure while working safely and efficiently!

This introductory class is designed specifically to provide the necessary skill set for the massage therapist to satisfy a client’s need for pressure. After taking the first class the LMT may choose to take more advanced sessions either in private or as a group.

Many therapists have trouble providing adequate pressure for those clients who request ‘deep tissue’ massage. This series of classes is all about satisfying those demanding clients. It is important that therapist perform this type of massage and do so without putting themselves in harms way.

Come and learn how to protect yourself and satisfy your client at the same time. Make more money, feel better at the end of a massage and be pain free.

Class is 6 hours

Fee is $105.00

9:00-4:00 (one hour for lunch)

Next class:

October 23, 2017


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DEEP TISSUE Myofascial Release Fascial Therapy