Post-Event Sports Massage

Post-Event Sports Massage

This coursework is offered multiple times throughout the year. Typically it is offered just prior to a particular competition. This allows the LMT to utilize their new tool set in a practical setting on real competitive athletes immediately after competition.

If you are going to work the MS150 you need this course. Post-Event massage has very specific applications. If you want to give your riders the best chance at recovery and enhanced performance take this class.

This coursework is typically available as a 3 or 6 hour class. The three hour class, part 1, is is classroom with lecture and hands-on training that will prepare you to work with athletes after competition. The other three hours, part 2, are received after completing a practical application at a designated event coordinated by Mr. Bofenkamp and Certified Sports Massage Therapists.


PART 1: Two options: a. Clear Lake  Wednesday April  4, 2017  OR  b. the Woodlands Saturday April 28, 2017

Classroom, lecture and hands-on, preparation in developing the necessary skill set to work with athletes immediately after competition. The course includes the benefits of PE Massage, indications and contraindications, cramp resolution, site preparation and logistics.

PART 2: Option a. will take place in Galveston at Moody Gardens Sunday 4/8/18. Option b. will be onsite in The Woodlands near the Marriot Waterway Saturday 4/28/18.

Supervised hands on practical application of the classroom instruction with triathletes after they complete a 1/2 Ironman at Moody Garden in Galveston or a full Ironman in the Woodlands. Includes: site administration, athlete registration, triage, working with athletes post race.


Part 1 – $35.00 paid in advance and in full prior to the class.

Part 2 – We PAY YOU. You will receive a minimum of $40.00 for attending and participating. I say minimum because of tipping and other sources of income received at the event there is a possibility that you could earn more.

When registering for this course you need to pick either the Galveston or the Woodlands Post Event Massage Option.

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